Ostrich Island


An entertaining and original adventure starring an ostrich


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Ostrich Island is part adventure, part role-play, part platform game where you put yourself in the skin of an ostrich and explore an enormous island paradise full of collectable objects that will help you level up and improve your abilities.

The point of the game is to get as many objects as you can in each level and escape from one island to another to receive your share of corresponding experience and improve the abilities of your kindly ostrich.

Throughout the adventure you'll come across several different types of levels, running the gamut from a sunny island (the most common) to levels in the middle of a tropical storm, as well as both subterranean and even subaquatic ones.

As a quirky touch, each time you finish a level you'll be able to unlock hats and accessories for your ostrich, meaning you can decorate your main character with sunglasses, cowboy hats, baseball caps and much more.

Ostrich Island is a highly entertaining adventure game with a main character that’s quite a lot more charismatic than it may seem at the beginning. The kindly ostrich will make you smile again and again as he entertains you with his large variety of movements.

The game demo does not allow you to play all levels.

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